Empowering Queer Youth and Families

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Queer Youth Collective (QYC) is a unique collaboration between Safe Schools South Florida and the many youth-serving non-profits in Florida, created to address the needs and challenges faced by queer youth and their families. As a community-driven initiative, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration to bring about meaningful change and growth. Our team consists of passionate individuals committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment where every person can flourish.

At QYC, we understand that discovering and embracing one’s true self can be a complex journey, especially for queer youth. By offering a wealth of resources, ranging from educational materials to support groups, we aim to make this journey a little bit easier. Our resource page is specifically designed to guide queer youth, their families, and allies in finding valuable information and services across South Florida.

We continuously strive to expand and improve our resources, staying up-to-date with the latest research, legislation, and community-based initiatives to better serve our diverse community.


Our vision is to cultivate an inclusive and supportive community for queer youth and their families across South Florida, fostering a future where every individual can thrive as their authentic selves.


Queer Youth Collective is dedicated to connecting, empowering, and uplifting queer youth and their families in South Florida by providing comprehensive resources, advocacy, and support to promote self-acceptance, understanding, and well-being.

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Queer Youth Collective is a proud community partnership between Safe Schools South Florida and The Children’s Trust.

We welcome your input! Let us know how we can further assist you and suggest additional services we can offer to better support our community.